Hearing Systems installed in Cheshire and North Wales

Hearing Loop Systems for your living room from £200 inc. installation & training. Discreet systems for people with and without hearing aids.

Based in Chester covering North Wales and Cheshire.

Expert advice with 15 years experience.

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"You do not just have to think about reasonable adjustments for disabled people who are already members, associate members or guests, but also to disabled people who are

  • seeking or might wish to become members, or
  • are likely to become guests, or
  • former members, guests or associate members.

This means you must think in advance about what disabled people with a range of impairments might reasonably need, such as people who have a visual impairment, a hearing impairment, a mobility impairment or a learning disability. If it is the physical features of a building the association occupies or is using that put disabled people at a substantial disadvantage, the association must either:

  • make reasonable adjustments to avoid the disadvantage, or
  • find a reasonable alternative way of providing members, associate members and guests (and prospective members and guests) with the same access to membership and to its services.

Sometimes a reasonable adjustment may involve providing disabled people with an alternative way of using the service, which involves some level of inconvenience or segregation. However, the best kind of reasonable adjustment is one which enables disabled people to access the service in much the same way as non-disabled people."

- Excerpt from the Equality and Diversity Act 2010

Why you should use Hearing System UK

Quick, reliable and honest

we can fit your loop system around you, discreetly, whilst you are still open for busienss or in your downtime, around you and without any trouble

Loop system installations for one user or for hundreds

Loop Systems and Hearing Systems don't need to be that fancy, they just need to do the job at hand. you can be rest assured that we will install the right loop system for you and your premises.

Experienced and well trained

Having been in the industry for 12 years and also being a life time user of hearing equipment, we are your best bet for a personal fit. Trained by the biggest loop manufacturer in Britain, Ampetronic.

We are hearing aid users too!

We are all BSL trained, so communication shouldn't be an issue, whatever the case. We are also hearing aid users ourselves, which means we don't just sell, we are users too.

Make your business more accessible to 1 in 6 People

Did you know that one in 6 people have a hearing loss, and will most likely be Hearing Aid users. If you do not have a loop system or hearing system installed in your premises you maybe falling foul of the Equality act of 2010. But don't worry, we can help you with this.

With a loop system or specialised hearing system you can make sure that you are not discriminating against people safe in the knowledge that you are actually enriching the experience of the people that use your premises.